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Steve Gengo - President     Hello, I am Steve Gengo, and I have been a member of the Redmond Fire Department since 1992.  I have served as a Firefighter, Fire Inspector, and as the Public Information Officer for the Redmond Fire Department.  I joined the RFFBF board in 2011, and have enjoyed giving back to our community.  I am glad that we as an organization have put a high value on serving our community, and giving back in the form of donations, service, and education.  I have been involved with many educational programs the department has put on, including exit planning, fire extinguisher use, and drunk driving prevention in our schools. 

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Locally Redmond Firefighters Benevolent Fund is a vocal advocate for the hungry and displaced. We assist those in our own community affected by tragedy and help children and families in need.

‚ÄčMichelle Davis - Treasurer     I have been a firefighter/EMT with Redmond since 2007. I have a wonderful husband and three cats. Aside from spending time with my various philanthropic projects, I have many hobbies. To name a few, I do food and flower gardening, cook from scratch (including making my own bread and cheese), writing, play piano, run races, travel internationally and learn anything I can learn. Charity and volunteering are my life, and it is even how I became a firefighter. Other than the Benevolent fund, my favorite charity is, a place where you can make microloans to individuals. You choose the person and the amount, and you get to watch that person start a business and become self-sufficient.

  1. 2008 -Founded.........
  2. 2014 - RFFBF donated winter coats to local kids in need via the Coats for Kids program

2014-  RFFBF supplied wool blankets to many of   the cold and homeless in Redmond


It takes a team larger than ours to make it all happen.  If you would like to help or get involved in one of our fundraising events, or other opportunities please contact us.Type your paragraph here.

Alex Head - Trustee

Dawn DeLoach - Secretery

Sam Hubbard - Vice- President     Hello I have been a Firefighter / EMT with the Redmond Fire Department for close to 8 years and really enjoy the ways it allows to help those in need.  Unfortunately part of the job is helping at the moment of need or crisis and not too much afterward.  This is why I joined the Benevolent Fund, it affords me the opportunity help outside of those emergency's.  I enjoy spending time with my wife and two boys, outdoor activities and friends.